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I just wanted to take some time and talk about scratches should they be buffed, filled, wetsanded, or left alone. At Wakarusa Auto Detailng we go through a long check list when it comes to scratches. First we determain what shape your clear coat is in. Second we use a paint thinkness guage to estimate the amound of clear coat is on your vehicle. Your vehicle if it hasnt been repainted or resprayed usually reads around 6Mil this includes your primer, Base color, and finally your clear coat. your clear coat provides a little bit of UV protection its their to protect your base coat. Your clear coat needs to be protected with wax, paint sealant, or ceramic coating. I dont consider the "wax" that you get apllied in a (washNScratch) automatic carwash enough to protect your vehicle these dont last its a waste of money. Most are just their to help with the drying process. Overtime your clear coat will start to thin and modern vehicles this happens even faster since the clear coats are thinner and softer.
So before i determain how to approach a scratch I look over the entire vehiles looking at the shape of the clear coat, then determain how think the clear coat is. If their is enough clear coat to be able to wet sand or buff out a scratch and not compromise your clear coat then we proceed. If you have less then 1.5mil and just a wax or paint sealant will be used we will mostly leave it alone the reason is if it starts to get to 1mil or less your base color will start to be damage by UV. If your doing ceramic coating we will buff anything less then 1.5 to 1 mil since our ceramic coating is 3x harder then your clear coat, provide better UV protection then any clear coat out their and much better UV protection then a wax or paint sealant can provide.
At Wakarusa Auto deailing we use top quality products that are real world tested.
Our wax needs to be re applied every 4 to 6 months to make sure your protect stay with the smaller number.
Our paint sealant needs to be re applied every 8-12 months


Their are many so many different ceramic coating some are super hydrophobic but not very “hard”, some are “ hard” but not hydrophobic, some claim to be 9h but with no proof.

SystemX is a certified 9h hardness coating so it’s a super “hard” coating but it’s flexible. If your into it go to their website and they have paper work showing SGS testing for their coating. SystemX is very hydrophobic a “self cleaning” coating and it’s made in the USA.

And it will show up that you had this coating applied on your carfax

Applied Crystal ontop of a "competitors coating"

Applied SystemX onto this "Dealership" coating that cloudy the finished and hide that it was a peal white.

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